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I never know what to write in these, but here we go!

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Hello! My name is Nalu. I've been doing art for over thirty years, twenty of which have been spent learning and honing digital art skills. Most of my learning has been done independently through trial and error. I make a point of seeking out new techniques and tutorials and applying what I've learned to my own work. Additionally, I've also had the pleasure of helping others learn some new things to help them along their own path to improving; I strongly feel that art is and should be for everyone, and not be something that makes us compete with one another.
Gatekeeping is boring.
Variety is the spice of my art life and I enjoy working on many different types and flavours of projects (including book covers, murals, non-AI photo editing, 2d game assets, the list goes on!). A large portion of my portfolio is host to works commissioned by private clients, though I am in the process of trying to include more pieces that display that sweet, sweet variety.While digital art makes up the lion's share of my work, I have worked with many different types of real media throughout my journey. Colored pencils and ink remain the favorites.


  • Clip Studio Paint

  • Blender

  • Rebelle 5


  • Wacom Cintiq 13HD

  • Apple iPad


  • Prismacolor Pencils

  • Prismacolor Markers

  • Acryllic Paints

  • Pigma Micron Fineliner Pens

  • Watercolor


Please note that any correspondence requesting licensing of the works seen here will be automatically rejected and will not receive response. Most of these works were commissioned by private clients and they have been issued the sole, limited licensing available for their projects.